ASA NGO loan system

How to take loan from ASA NGO 

We want to take loan from ASA NGO, but we don't know how apply for loan and what is the process. Today I will discuses you about ASA NGO loan system .

You can easily take small and medium loans from Asha NGO. Small and medium loans mean from 10000 to 2 lakh taka. You can take this loan easily from ASA NGO. For more details read the full article. 

ASA loan requirements

To get a loan from Asha NGO you must be married and able to work. Asha NGO will not give you loan without any work. You need to specify the purpose for which you will take the loan. You need to paid your amount within 45 installments. 

To take loan from ASA NGO you just need a house. No need any other document. You have to do something with the loan that will allow you to pay them back. 

ASA NGO contact number

ASA NGO mobile number - 880258155614

ASA NGO email address -

ASA NGO website address -

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