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ICC FTP Server

Most of you people use broadband internet, for  only using internet but you can't enjoy the real joy of broadband. if you want, you can download movies at high speed through your broadband internet. Many people don't know about broadband server or many don't find the broadband server. In this article I will share with you all the problems related to broadband servers and all the ftp-servers in Bangladesh from which you can download movies at high speed.

Broadband Server

Before taking about the broadband server, I am giving you some information, the speed of the broadband internet server and the speed of your normal broadband are different. If you take a 1Mbps line, you won't get more than 128 kilobytes/second (180Kbps) download speed except for certain servers.1 Mbps (1Mbps) line 128 kilobytes per second and 2 Mbps (2Mbps) line 256 kilobytes per second (256Kbps) download speed they can provide not more than that. But if you are using a broadband FTP server (ftp-server) and you have a 1Mbps line, you can download at 4 to 5 Mbps speed. You can download files, games, movies very quickly through FTP server. An important point is that not all broadband lines have the same FTP server. Suppose the broadband line in my area is connected to the server you can download at the fastest speed. Now if you want to connect from any server in Dhaka from outside Dhaka, you will not get high internet speed. You can know about your ftp-server from your broadband server provider. If they tell you then you will get it very easily.


How to easily find your FTP server (ftp-server),

For this, go to any browser and type www.broadbandathome.com and enter the website. Here you will find many FTP servers (ftp-server) which are very popular. Here you will find many options of software collection, game collection. Click All FTP in Bangladesh to see all ftp-servers for people.



Click  there to show all broadband servers. All ftp-servers in Bangladesh will be shown here. Game downloading, video downloading software downloading all types servers are there. You can try from here which server is giving you the highest download speed, select some servers and later you can download from such FTP server (ftp-server).

ICC FTP Server


ICC ftp server is a free service provided by ICC Communication Limited Bangladesh. It is the largest and also the best BDIX server used in thousands of streams. You need BDIX connectivity to use it. ICC Communication Limited is one of the largest ISP in Bangladesh. Today I will share with you all the best 10 FTP servers in our country where you will get the maximum speed of 100mbps.I will give   some link of websites below for your  understanding.


Nowadays, internet is used almost everywhere, well , everyone now uses the Internet from villages to cities, from cities to abroad also  using the internet, they do not spend a single day without the internet, most of the time they spend a lot of time on the internet. There are easily available packages of net service especially broadband net service in many areas, because of this, many of these  people are using broadband than modems.


The main reasons for this-

  1. good speed
  2. 24 hours net usage facility without spending any money
  3. Download server has all the benefits of download server.
  4. BDIX Connectivity



If everyone knows these three things that I shared with you above, but the last point may seem unfamiliar to many. Today's writing is actually about this topic.  Let's learn something about this topic without further delay -


What is  BDIX ?


BDIX stands for Bangladesh Internet Service Exchange. BDIX creates a kind of virtual network Then through that you can easily download any type of file from their server at super speed within a very short time.

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