How to apply for correction of birth certificate

Easily apply online for your birth certificate correction

If there is any mistake in your birth registration then you can apply for correction with your mobile phone. Read the full article to know how to apply for correction of birth certificate.

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Birth certificate correction

Do the first thing

For the birth registration you first need to visit their website. Their website address is After going to the website you will get a button at the top which says birth registration, click on it. On clicking you will get many options, from there click on birth registration correction application. Clicking here will show another page, search your birth registration by filling the fields with your birth registration number and date of birth information. Search will show your name, date of birth, name, father's name, mother's name. Select your information from here.

Give your registration office address after choice. Select the country, select the division and select the upazila or city corporation and select the election office. One thing is good to know, you can apply maximum 4 times for correction of birth registration.

Then select the item you want to edit. Your name, English or Bengali, father's name, mother's name any birth registration information.

Then you have to give the desired information. Then you have to give the desired corrected information, that is, the information that you want to correct the error. If your father's name is spelled wrong, enter the correct spelling here.
You can correct all the information that is wrong.

Next you will find the address of the place of birth,

In giving address of place of birth, first select country, then select category. Then give the post office address in Bengali and English. Then again write village/para/mohalla in Bengali and English. Then write home and street address in Bengali and English .

After that, in the case of permanent address, the same information as the place of birth address should be given in Bengali and English.

After the permanent address, information in Bengali and English should be given in the same way in case of current address.

Next is the applicant's information

Here you must mention your relationship with the applicant. If it is yourself, you will select yourself or if it is someone else, you will have to give his name and address, give a mobile number.
Finally there is file attachment. A file must be uploaded from here. This file must be provided as proof of the information you wish to amend. In providing information you click on add button, from there upload your file.

How to payment fee

In case of payment method, click on the fee collection option and submit. After submission you will be given the application number and you can print the application form. Go to your selected election office with the printed application form and also take the documents you submitted along with it.
If everything is fine they will print you and confirm with the chairman.
This way you can easily correct your birth registration.

Birth certificate correction fee

Application fee for correction of date of birth is 100 taka or 2 USD Application fee for correction of other information other than date of birth name father's name mother's name address etc. 50 taka 1 US dollar There is no fee for supply of original certificate or copy of certificate after correction of information in both Bengali and English language Duplicate supply in both Bengali and English languages 50 taka 1 USD.

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