Difference Between Web Designer and Web Developer

What is the difference between web designer and web developer?

In this article you will learn what is the main difference between web designer and web developer and also knows 

* what dose web designer and what a web developer .

* What is the salary of a web developer and a web designer .

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Difference Between Web Designer and Web Developer

Difference Between Web Designer and Web Developer

A person who designs a website is called a web designer and a person who develops a website is called a web developer. One person also can do this two jobs, he is called full stack developer .

What does a web designer do

A web designer works on the external layouts of a website that we can see on website. There are two types of web designers, 

one designs UI and the another designs UX. UI is the user interface, When we see a website, we see its interfaces. where the logo will be, where the menu will be, where the slider will be, how it will be arranged the UI (user interface) designer works on these.

A UX (user experience) designer decides what a website will look like, how to make it easy for users, how to attract users. A UX (user experience) designer always chooses a right color while creating a website, using the right font style, where how much text and where to place images, a UX (user experience) designer decides it.

What tools Web designers use

Most web designers use Photoshop, creating a basic structure of the website through Photoshop.

Many developers use Sketch, a Mac software.

Adobe XD

The only thing is that tools don't matter if you have the right skills. It is good to be used to at something.

What dose Web developer do 

A person who does website development is called a web developer. There are two types of web developers, frontend developers and backend developers.

What does frontend Developer do

The design provided by the web designer is usually a PhD file. The frontend Developer works to design a website according to this design. Frontend developers usually work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What a front end developer works with




JavaScript etc

What does Backend developer do 

We do not see the work of the back end developer. The back end developer decides how the website will work. Suppose you make a comment, processing that comment and goes to the user, it is the work of the backend developer. All the maintenance done in the backend of a website is done by backend developer.

A back end developer works with





What does full stack developer do 

A full stack developer develops a live website from a sketch. When he creates a website, he scans it, designs the website by following all the rules of UI UX, then brings the website live by working on frontend and backend. From sketching the website to making this site live by full-stack web developers.

Web Developer and Web Designer salary

Recharging the Internet has shown that if we look at the annual average salary of expert level and intermediate level web designers and web developers, then a web designer's annual income is around 50,000 dollars and a web developer's annual income is 70,000 dollars. Its salary can be more or less based on any time. At any time, you can search the web design and web developer salary.

Besides this, the annual salary of a JavaScript developer is around 1,00,000 dollars

A WordPress developer salary $50,000 per year. 

Python developer salary is around 120000 dollars per annum

The annual income of a full stop web developer is around 1,20,000 dollars.

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