How to become a Web developer? Web developer roadmap

How to become a Web Developer step by step

There are many people who want to become web developer but don't know how to start. A question in everyone's mind is how to become a web developer. Today's article is for those who want to become web developer, but don't know how to start. Here are the guidelines to become a web developer from zero knowledge. Read the full article to know more about how to be a web developer.

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 Web developer roadmap

To become a web developer you need to know this things first

First you need to learn how to search on google.
There is no web developer who knows everything. When a web developer faces a coding problem, he solves it by searching Google.

Basic understanding about internet

If you want to become a web developer, you need to know these general things,

What is a domain name? how does a domain work?
What is hosting? How does hosting work?
What is Http and https ? what is the difference between them?
What is DNS?
How a browser works?
When you know these basics, learning to code will be of great benefit to you. Understand where the code works.

The software or tools you need to use as a Web developer

At first you will need a computer with an internet connection.
You will need a web browser, (there are many types of web browsers out there but Chrome is the best).
As a web developer, you need a code editor to edit code. You can use VS Code (Visual Studio Code) as a code editor.

What kind of code you need to learn?

If you want to become a web developer then you must have learn this three coding languages.

To build a website, there are at least these three skills required.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

The blocks of a website created by HTML. HTML is the markup language, using this language we create the blocks of the website.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

The block we create with HTML is designed with CSS. When we make a website, we need to design the blogs of the website, CSS is needed to design the blocks.


After completing to learn HTML and CSS language you need to learn JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language. After create a website by using html and CSS we need to dynamic it, you need to use JavaScript to dynamic a website.


After finishing HTML, CSS and JavaScript you will learn a framework. Here you can learn Bootstrap or React .

If you want to be a backend developer

For backend developer you can learn Node.js and express.js. Node.js will help you write code outside the browser.

You can do things with Node.js and Express.js.

*Connecting to the database
*Managing APIs
*Define routes

You also can learn  PHP and Laravel.

Then learn API. Using API will help to communicate between the Frontend and Backend

Then learn Database. For Database you can learn or MongoDB.

There are too much question how much time need to be a web developer. 
It totally depends on you. How much time are you giving to learn Web development , how interested are you in learning Web development ? If you are interested then it can take maximum seven days to learn HTML. However, it totally depends on you how aggressive you are. Average it need to 3-4 month need to be a web developer. 

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