Easily transfer Grameenphone SIM ownership

Grameenphone SIM ownership transfer

If your SIM is registered in someone else's name and you want to change your name now, you can do it very easily. In this article discuss about how to transfer GP sim ownership. You can easily transfer gp sim ownership. You can transfer Grameenphone sim ownership in two ways. One is online and another is offline. 

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Grameenphone sim ownership transfer

Grameenphone SIM ownership can be changed in two ways. 
One is online application from home and another is visiting direct customer care. First let's see how to apply online.
You don't have to go to the customer care to change SIM ownership. You can change SIM ownership at home. You need to apply online for transfer GP sim ownership. 

How to change SIM ownership online

For online application you need to go to the Grameenphone website from your phone or computer. Go to the site and click on SIM service from the shop option. Once there you will see Transfer of SIM Ownership option. Click on it. After clicking Transfer of SIM Ownership here you need to fill a form. 

First you will get a option Number you want to transfer, enter the number that you want to transfer. Then give the Current SIM Owner's NID or Smart Card Number, whose name the registration is done. Then New SIM Owner's Mobile Number, there is the mobile number of the person in whose name the SIM will be transferred. After filling all correctly click Add to Cart.

Second step you have to provide your information,

You will get e From to inter name mobile number and email address. Inter the the name of the person whose name the SIM is registered is his mobile number and there is an option to give email , you can give it if you want.

Then inter the delivery address
Select your City or District, then area or post code and below all your home address. After giving all the information correctly, click on Continue to Review .

After complete all the process above you have to pay the delivery fee, you can pay the fee by Bkash Rocket, Nagad or other way. 
After complete your payment, you will see Order Successful. After that, within two to three days, a Grameenphone representative will come to your home and change the SIM registration with your information.

Note : At this time this service is available Metropolitan area of 64 District cities

How to change SIM ownership offline 

If you are outside the metropolitan area, you will need to visit Grameenphone Customer Care to transfer ownership of your SIM. You can change SIM ownership by visiting your nearest customer care. 

Documents required

* Photocopy of National Identity Card of the person in whose name the SIM is registered
* Photocopy of national identity card of the person in whose name the SIM will be transferred

You go to customer care with these two documents and you can transfer the SIM registration. In that case, two people's fingerprint will be required.

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