Developing basic Java classes with attributes and methods

Java Classes and Objects

Task : Developing basic Java classes with attributes and methods.

Write a class Student that has the following attributes:

  • int id
  • String name
  • double cgpa

There is a set method and a get method for each of the attributes. There is also a main method in this class. Inside the main method create one object of the Student class and demonstrate all the methods.

Answer and Code

import java.lang.*;
public class Student 
private int id;
private String name;
private double cgpa;
public void setid(int id);
public void setname( String name)
public void setcgpa( double cgpa )
public int getid()
     return id ;
public String getname()
   return name;
public double getcgpa()
   return cgpa;
public void display()
System.out.println("ID: "+id);
System.out.println("NAME: "+name);
System.out.println("CGPA: "+cgpa);
public static void main( String  args[])
Student s= new Student ();
s.setname("Biswas, Swarup");
System.out.println("ID     : " +s.getid());
    System.out.println("Name   : " +s.getname());
    System.out.println("CGPA   : " +s.getcgpa());

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