How to open CellFin account easily

How to create CellFin account

CellFin is a mobile apps of Islami Bank. You can open a bank account within 5 minutes using digital wallet. How to open CellFin account will be discussed with you in this article. Read the full atrial to know how to create CellFin account.

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CellFin account

SellFin Account Opening

Go to google play store from mobile and search by typing CellFin . Then you will get Islami Bank CellFin  digital wallet. From here you have to install CellFin apps. After installing the apps, you have to open the apps, of course before you open you have to connect the phone with internet .

After opening CellFin app, you can see that there is an option to login, there is an option to enter the number and password, and below that is the login. You don't do anything from there you can see a little below that there is an option registration you have to click on it.

After clicking on the registration you can see two options Bangladeshi. and another option you can see the text, number two that you can see is that if you live abroad then you have to select the option number two.

Now you can see in the second option whether you want to open an account with a National ID card or through a bank account. If you want to do it through a bank account, you must go to your nearest branch and open an account in a bank account.

If you want to account through mobile, you have to select the National ID card option, then you can see that it says the name of the SIM company operators, and below that there is an option to set the mobile number and pin number, then below it there is registration option. Click on registration

There are some conditions for making an account, you can check those conditions before clicking on the registrar option if you want. However, after clicking on the registrar option, a six-digit OTP will be sent to your mobile phone number, you have to enter that number in the second step.

After entering the code number, you will get the option to upload your NID card, you have to upload the front picture of your NID card first then the back picture.

You can directly take a picture to upload or if you have already taken the picture on your mobile phone i.e. you have seen the picture of the NID card and then you can select the picture from the gallery and upload it here very easily.

After uploading the picture of NID card, you will click on the next option, then all the information of your NID card will be shown in front of you, from there, if there is anything wrong, fix it. And if everything is correct then you don't need to do anything here you just need to type the current address.

You will write here the address where you are currently live in and you can see the option below and type it. After typing your current address, select your gender. If you are male, select Male and if you are female, select Female.

Select your profession if you are employed then select job, then if you are a student select student or if you are a businessman then select businessman but if you are a lawyer then select that. You have to select your profession from here.

You have to click on next option, after clicking on next option you will see an option to take your picture. Now you will see a text Open Camera, click on it, then go to a place where the light in your room, then take a picture of yourself here. Hold the mobile phone in front of your face and the image will be automatically scanned. 

After the picture is taken, you will see a text Confirm Upload, you have to click it once. After clicking inside confirm upload you can see in next option that it says there is an option to give your name email address and mobile number.

From there you have to type your name correctly then put the e-mail id you have and then put your mobile number which is always active. Then you click on the next option then your selfie account will be opened completely. After clicking on next option you will see a congratulation sms that your account has been opened.

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