Bangabandhu military museum online ticket

Bangabandhu military museum ticket

How to Buy Bangabandhu Military Museum Tickets Online 

To buy Bangabandhu Military Museum tickets online, first you need to visit the Bangabandhu Military Museum website. Website link- If you not create a account  before, then then you need to create a account. You can create account with mobile number only.

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Bangabandhu military museum online ticket 

How to create account

Click registration, give your phone number. After providing the mobile number, you will get a OTP code by SMS. Verify the account with the OTP code. After verifying the account with the number, you have to enter all the information in your account.

In that case, you can give your name, password, email address, national identity card number, it is optional. You can add your profile picture if you wish. After entering all information click on Create my profile option. Then a Successful pop up will display.

How to Buy Bangabandhu Military Museum Tickets

Inter Bangabandhu military museum website. After entering the website click on BUY TICKET option. After clicking here you will be taken to a page where you will be asked for some information. Visiting date, on what date you will visit Bangabandhu Military Museum. Select a date from there. Shift, you can choose two shifts, morning or afternoon. Then Quantity, you have to give how many tickets you want to buy. Your total price will depend on the amount of tickets. Now you have to pay the ticket price.

How to pay the ticket price

Click on Make payment option to pay the ticket price. You will get many options to pay the ticket price, from there pay the ticket price with the service as per your convenience.

Bangabandhu Military Museum ticket price is 50 Tk.

After paying the ticket price you can download the ticket from the website. By clicking on the Download ticket option, the PDF file of the ticket will be downloaded. Tickets should be printed from any shop. With this ticket you can visit the Bangabandhu Military Museum.

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