Paragraph Price Hike

Price Hike Paragraph

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Price Hike Paragraph

Price Hike

Price Hike or Price Spind is one of the major problems of the world In Bangladesh, it is the most crucial problems of the present time. Th poor people of this country are the worst victims of price hike. Price bike seans the incree of price of the commodities used in our everyday life in our country price rises day after day but selders come down. As a result, it becomes larder and harder on the part of the people to maintain their daily expenditures. It happens because the expenditures increase day by day but income does not increase keeping pace with it. That is why, the living standard of the common people falls everyday, and the life of the poor people becomes miserable. There are various reasons for price hike. The two main reasons are natural and artificial. The population of the world is growing at a high rate every your. The demand is always greater then the supply. The most important reason is the profit motive. There are always some businessmen who want to make money very quickly. They hoard essential goods and create artificial scarcity in the market. The black marketers, smugglers also contribute to price hike. in Bangladesh, the producer the middlemen, and the consumer play a vital role to increase the price of commodities. The extortion by different political parties aggravate the problem. The price hike creates problems to almost all the classes of people. It is the responsibility of the state to check this price-hike of the country. No doubt the job is difficult but the government must take effective steps to control the deadly disease of price hike. Otherwise, the sufferings of the honest consumers of the country will go beyond control
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