Paragraph Important of learning English

Important of learning English paragraph

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 Important of learning English paragraph 

Important of learning English

English is the most important language of the modern world. Though English is the mother language of the English people, it has gamed the position of number one international language of the globe. This language has become so powerful in the realm of international affairs that no nation of the world can go ahead without the help of this language. The present world is called the global village which needs a language to serve the purpose of lingua-franca. English Language has become that lingua franca of the global village. It plays now the vital role of the media of communication among the people of the world. English is the language of international trade and commerce. So, every person of the world needs to learn English for the development of his economy. English is the language of science and technology. So, the people desiring to develop in that line must learn English. English is the language of literature and culture. Therefore, we should learn English for the sake of the development of our soul. English is now the main medium of information and technology. So, learning this language is a big necessity for every citizen of the world. This is the age of Internet communication and English is a major language used in this field. In almost all fields of development. English language is the principal factor. Therefore, to make a progress in private, social, national and international field, learning English language is of great importance, Though we love our mother language best of all, we cannot avoid the importance of English in our lives.

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