What is Torrent, How use Torrent ?

What is Torrent and use of Torrent

When we hear the name of Torrent, the first thing that comes to our mind is crack software, piracy files, etc. Some people think that torrent and piracy are the same thing. The idea is wrong, torrent and piracy are two completely different things. Torrent was not created for piracy. Made for good use of torrent, it has a good side. But now our society has taken torrent as a piracy. So let's not know the exact information about the Torrent and what the Torrent is used for.

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The original name of the torrent is BitTorrent. We all call it torrent in short. It was created in 2001. The purpose of this BitTorrent was to transfer a large file from one computer to another without the original server. You may know that when we download something from the internet, it is downloaded from a central server. Downloading a file from a central server we face many problems, the BitTorrent is invented to solve this problem. The main purpose of BitTorrent is to make each computer a separate server. Then you can transfer files from another computer or download to your computer.

How torrent work

If you want to share a file in torrent, you must have to convert it to torrent format first. You need to use a torrent client to transfer to this torrent format. Some of the popular torrent clients include uTorrentbitTorrentqbTorrent and many more torrent client software that download torrent files. Using these we do not convert files to torrent format. When you share a torrent file with a person, if they open it using a torrent client software, their computer will be connected to your computer and they will be able to download the torrent file. The people or computers in the torrent network have a name, the person who uploads the file is called Seeder and the person who downloads it is called Leecher or Peer. The more Seeder in a torrent file, the file is downloaded faster.

It has been mentioned that Torrent was not created for piracy purposes. Its main purpose is to transfer any large file from person to person. BitTorrent is created for this large file transfer.

The big companies share a lot of their big data through torrent. Big game developers share their files through torrent. It can be used for good. But people use it badly. Since it does not have a main server so law enforcement cannot access any work for this everyone uses torrents for piracy.

But torrent or bittorrent is a very useful technology. This technology should be used well and for good.

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