How to buy metro rail ticket

Buy metro rail ticket

First, after reaching the station, go up through Siri. After climbing up you will get directions from which direction to buy train ticket. There you will find a visual screen, there will be train timings and the platform where the train will stop. You can see the train ticket machine next to it. If there is rush of passengers, you have to stand in line to buy tickets.

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How to buy metro rail ticket

Buy metro rail ticket

You will get three options in metro rail ticket machine.

Single journey ticket


Card information

Select the single journey ticket option as you book the ticket. Next you have to select where you want to go, i.e. where is your destination. Once selected click OK button. Then it will show how much your rent is. You have to pay after showing the rent. To pay, you will find a booth on the right side of the ticket machine, in which money should be entered. After payment the ticket will come out from the left side of the machine and if you have paid extra from the platform it will be returned.

If you are not able to buy tickets through computer machines then there is offline ticketing facility for you. You can also collect tickets from there if you want. Then you can travel on metro rail using this ticket.
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