Internet paragraph

Paragraph Internet


Internet, the latest and most wonderful means of communication, is a computer-based global network system that has created a great revolution in the world. It is the cheapest and fastest means of communication for business and commerce. The information system of the world has become globalized with the magical touch of internet. Like a spider-web the internet has spread its interconnected link with tens, hundreds or even thousands of computers. Internet has brought new opportunities to government, education and business. In the developed countries teachers send every study material and course to every individual student through internet. Picture, data and many other things also can be sent through internet. If one wants to use internet, one has learn how to operate it. Firstly, the user needs a particular software to install in his computer. Next, he has to click on the browsing icon where a space for writing the address on the web page will appear. One can go for a searching engine in order to find a particular web page or a piece of information. Bangladesh, as a developing country does not have access to the internet in all spheres except the banking system and educational institutions.

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