Low investment business ideas

Five business ideas with low capital

The education rate of Bangladesh is constantly increasing, there are not enough employment opportunities. As a result, a large part of the country's population is still unemployed. Total youth unemployment rate in Bangladesh is 10.6% in 2022. Many of these unemployed population are interested in business but cannot start business on their own due to lack of sufficient capital. However, starting a business does not always require a large investment. Nowadays there are opportunities to do various types of business with small capital. Today's article will tell you about five such business ideas.

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Low investment business idea

1. Food Court / Coffee Shop / Juice Bar :

Starting from any populated area of the city, juice bar coffee shop and food cart can be a very profitable business with low capital. Setting up such a business does not require much capital or manpower. Without a physical shop, a business can be easily started by renting a van or a small space with the necessary equipment with little investment. Besides, in running a business like a juice bar, coffee shop or food court, starting from raw materials, various ingredients can be sourced very easily. Eg: In case of juice, customers prefer seasonal fruits more. Which is available in the market during the season. In the case of food court, items like burger, chowmin, wax are very popular with customers. The things required for a coffee cart or food cart can now be sourced from any part of the country and in many cases can be made by oneself.

The things that are required for this type of business are not very expensive. Because of which businesses like juice bars, coffee shops and food courts can make more profit with higher margins. Moreover, currently, various food delivery aggregators like Foodpanda, Pathao Food are giving the opportunity to restaurants as well as food courts and street foods to end up on the platforms. Due to which Excellence tie up with physical shops as well as online food aggregators to provide home delivery can lead to extra revenue strings.

2. Catering Service/ Cloud Kitchen :

One of the problems for employees is midday lunch. If you are interested in doing business in food sector. But not able to start business due to lack of sufficient capital. In that case, catering service and cloud kitchen business can be a profitable option with low capital. Anyone can easily start a catering or cloud business from their home or by renting a small space. In the past decade, there has been a great expansion of business and trade in Bangladesh and new companies have started operations constantly. Due to which the demand for catering services is constantly increasing. As a result, delivering tasty and healthy meals to the office-court at reasonable prices can be a solid income source. Apart from office-court, small parties or social gatherings can also be catered for. Besides, it is possible to modify a part of the existing kitchen and run it in the cloud kitchen from there. In addition to providing offline catering services, it is possible to run your own restaurant through food delivery service providers like Foodpanda, Pathao Food. As a result the revenue stream can be diversified. Similarly, it is possible to have a higher profit margin than a restaurant because it does not require investment and does not have additional overhead costs. Besides, if you can maintain quality, taste and unity in food, it is possible to create a restaurant brand chain from there.

3. Flower and Gift Shop :

The practice of giving flowers and gifts has increased among the people of Bangladesh on various occasions, starting from birthdays and anniversaries. Apart from this, there is a huge demand in the country around various national days starting from spring festival, Valentine's Day. According to Bangladesh Flower Society, flowers are being cultivated commercially all over the country on different days. Its market value is about 1600 crores. Due to which flower and gift shop can be a very profitable business with low capital. Since flowers are being grown in large quantities in the country, flowers and gifts can be traded on a small scale in any area of the city by collecting flowers from farmers at wholesale rates very easily. Gift items In this case, starting from native handicrafts, various Chinese made gift items are easy to sell. In sourcing gift items there are already several services to import the product from China without any LC or paper work. It is possible to set up a flower gift shop with minimum investment of shop rent and some decorations. Apart from the physical shop, the business can be managed by using online orders and delivery services through Facebook or Instagram. By doing this, it will be possible to drive the revenue stream of the business and increase the revenue.

4. Packaging :

E-commerce and f-commerce based businesses have grown in popularity and expansion in Bangladesh in the last few years. According to e-cab there are more than 2500 e-commerce and 2500 active Facebook based businesses in the country. Packaging is very important for these businesses. Supplying different types of packaging materials can be quite profitable for businesses with low capital. In this case, the product can be manufactured by hiring a few people at a low cost and the materials required for such products can be sourced very easily. Various materials for printing and packaging are sourced from the traditional media of Bangladesh, but in many cases they cannot be customized. Big printing and packaging companies don't want to take small orders. In this case, it is possible to attract various f-commerce entrepreneurs in the business by providing custom printing services. Again, by aggregating several orders from small businesses, you can get them at a low price from a large printing press. In this way it is possible to run a solid business only through Facebook page without physical location to do business.

5. Spices and Dry Fruits :

Nowadays the demand for authentic and healthy food items has increased due to increasing health consciousness among people. People's awareness about the various ingredients used in food has also increased in making healthy food. Due to which, instead of packaged spices, people are interested in buying pure spices, oils and other essential ingredients for cooking that are processed in a healthy way. People are also including various nuts and dry fruit items in their regular diet due to interest in healthy food. Due to which a market of pure and organic spices and dry fruits has been created which is constantly growing. It is possible to supply several types of spices and oils starting from turmeric and chillies by purchasing them from the marginal farmers of the country at a low price and processing them in a hygienic process. Apart from this, business can be done by sourcing different types of spices, dry fruits, nuts, seeds from various wholesalers in Newmarket, Kaptanbazar, Swarighat, Motijheel and Mirpur in Dhaka and processing and packaging them properly. Apart from making profit from Burdwan through online page and e-commerce delivery across the country without physical shop, it is also possible to bundle organic food if you can maintain quality.

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