What is ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT? How ChatGPT work ?

ChatGPT has crossed one million subscribers just five days after its launch on November 30. Which is a record in the world at the moment. Because popular sites like Twitter took two years to reach 1 million subscribers. Facebook took 10 months. Dropbox took 7 months. Sportify took more than 5 months. Tik Tok or Instagram could not grow one million users in such a fast time. One of which means that ChatGPT's future business scope is huge. In today's article I will try to give a complete idea about ChatGPT.

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What is ChatGPT

There are many companies in the world working on Artificial Intelligence (AI). One of them is Open AI. One of the founders of Open AI is Elon Max. In 2015, a total of 6 collaborators including Elon Max founded Open AI. Compility is a non-profit organization working on artificial intelligence. Elon Musk resigned from the company in 2018 and Microsoft invested $1 billion in Open AI in 2019. OpenAI's first successful product was Dalle Tour. Which is basically an image tour channel and the current new product in the market is ChatGPT. So far there are three versions of ChatGPT Total, ChatGPT, ChatGPT 2, ChatGPT 3 and ChatGPT 3.5 is currently in operation. With the subsequent success of ChatGPT, the current open AI market value has reached more than 20 billion dollars.

ChatGPT is basically a natural language process or natural language processing tools created by artificial intelligence. In simpler terms, ChatGPT is essentially a chatbot that can think like a human being and find the answer to any question you may have. There are many tasks in your daily life that can be done very easily from ChatGPT. Like writing an email, checking grammatical mistakes, creating a presentation, a student can get his math solution here, a programmer can use ChatGPT for solving his programming problems.

For some time now it has been proven that ChatGPT is becoming the best effective tool for any kind of bug fixing. There is definitely a lot to think about with such an advanced chatbot. The question may arise as to how good or how powerful ChatGPT can be. When ChatGPT was initially launched, the level of interest it received from people all over the world was undoubtedly incredible. One of the early commanders of Open AI was Elon Max. Who explained CHATGPT as early as "CHATGPT IS SCARY, GOOD. WE ARE NOT FAR FROM DANGEROUSLY STRONG AI" which simply means that CHATGPT IS SCARY, GOOD AND HUMAN CIVILIZATION IS NOT FAR FROM DANGEROUSLY STRONG AI.

ChatGPT really has many advantages or not. Let's see if you can try it yourself. Going to write chat.openai.com here you can try it yourself. Going to write "write an article about nuclear fusion" I asked to write an article about nuclear fusion. You see he'll write huge articles and he'll probably accept it if you want to put some kind of word limit in there. But I am showing you as much as practically possible. Another article on nuclear fusion has been written by me. You can see the result and I next try another thing which is to see an html code. Write an html code and I will write it to you beautifully. As far as I understand that this is what is happening copy this code and save the .html file and I think it will be fine. I don't think that will happen. Want to know more like this. I can offer one more thing.

Asked to give a diet chart for weight gain. you can see That's what he wrote and anything like that if you actually try Google Assistance or Siri. Then you will find something different. They will show or link you to various websites. Where you can see what the diet chart can be. He is not going to all that. He is showing you directly himself. Any type of diet chart you may need on any given day. What type could it be? Although I didn't tell him my age, I didn't tell him anything. Then gave a diet chart. One thing is clear that such an idea has a chance of being wrong. The fact that an artificial intelligence has been able to do this or go to such an advanced level is really surprising and I think it will surprise you in that way.

ChatGPT has truly done something that no artificial intelligence has done or been able to do before. Due to which ChatGPT has developed a huge appeal among people all over the world after its release. People want to use chatzip. Now many people are increasing their income by using chatzipit. Some have created an income stream by writing articles. Someone else has looked into web development using ChatGPT . You can say development without coding. Many more such works are going on. Now the question may come to mind that I can find similar solutions in a search engine. The difference is that a search engine will provide various links for solutions or drive you to some kind of website. But chatgpitor is different, it does not go to any website. No website will give you results. He will give you the solution directly himself. What you want to know or see or do with. Just as you saw him doing it himself a little while ago. He is doing the math solution by himself. He himself has made you different types of diet charts.

Talking about articles, he is writing articles himself. You can search in search engine but chatzipit provides solution. This is what happens in the interval. Whether there is a limitation in the meaning of chatgpitor satika. Yes, ChatGiptor still has a lot of limitations. ChatGPT is still not 100% complete. There are many things that you may not be able to answer just by asking. I wanted to know several answers. Earlier I had asked him about the Ukraine Russia war and he said that he could not give any kind of answer due to his intelligence limitations. You may find more of the same. When you go to use it.

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