What is FTP server

FTP server

Many of you use broadband internet but in that case you only use internet, you can't use the real fun with broadband. But if you want, you can download movies at high speed through your broadband internet. Many people have no idea about broadband server or many people do not find the broadband server. In this article, I will share with you all the problems related to broadband server and all the ftp-servers in Bangladesh where you can download movies at high speed.

Before looking at the broadband server, I would like to give you some information, the speed of the broadband internet server and the speed of your normal broadband are two different things. If you take a line of 1 Mbps, you will not get more than 126 kilobytes / second (180Kbps) of download speed except for certain servers. If the line is 1 Mbps (1Mbps) then 128 kilobytes per second. If the line is 2 Mbps (2Mbps) then you will not get more download speed than 256 kilobytes per second (256Kbps). But if you are using a broadband FTP server (ftp-server) and if you have a line of 1 Mbps (1Mbps) then you can download at a speed of 4 to 5 Mbps. Files, games, movies, everything can be downloaded very quickly through the FTP server. 

One important thing is not all broadband line FTP servers but one. Suppose you can download fast from the server that is connected to the broadband line in my area. Now if you want to connect to a server in Dhaka from outside Dhaka, but you will not get much internet speed. You can find out from your broadband server provider which is their ftp-server. If they say so, you will get it very easily.

How to easily find your ftp server

To do this, go to a browser, type www.broadbandathome.com and enter the website. Here you will find many FTP servers (ftp-server) which are very popular. Here you will find many options, software collection, game collection. Click All FTP in Bangladesh to see all the people ftp-server.

Clicking there will show all the broadband servers. All the ftp-servers in Bangladesh will be shown here. Game download video download software download will get all types of servers. You can try from here which server is giving you the highest download speed, select some servers that you can download from such FTP server (ftp-server) later.

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