Deforestation Paragraph


Deforestation is the cutting down of trees on a large scale. The causes of deforestation are many. Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world. Its population is much more in proportion to its area. This huge population needs more shelter, agricultural land, fuel, furniture, etc. For all these reasons people cut trees. Moreover, there are some dishonest people who cut trees in our forests to make money. This has several negative consequences for both the environment and society. This destruction disturbs our ecological balance. The existence of animals is going to be threatened. Due to deforestation carbon dioxide is increasing worldwide. As a result, the world is becoming warmer. The sea level is rising and many parts of the world are going to be engulfed by the sea in the future. On the other hand, new areas of the world are turning into deserts as a result of deforestation. The removal of trees causes birds and other animals living on them to leave the place. It also causes serious damage to the soil, as trees give protection to the soil as well. In the end, the soil gets sediment in the river bed and causes frequent floods. Deforestation also fuels the greenhouse effect. So, if we destroy trees at random, one day the country will turn into a great dessert. All living animals and birds will not find any food or shelter to live in. They will be destroyed. There will be no rain and as a result, our agriculture will face a great crisis. The temperature will rise and it will cause the greenhouse effect. The country will be unsuitable for living and various natural calamities like flood, drought, storm, etc. will visit our country. Immediate measures should be taken to prevent deforestation. People should be made aware of tree plantation through mass media. The tree plantation program should be extended throughout the country.

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