The Padma Bridge paragraph

The Padma Bridge

The river Padma is one of the largest rivers in our country. It divides the Southern part people from the capital. So, it was important to construct a bridge over the Padma. Once upon a time, it was our dream. But now no more it is only a dream, it becomes true. Padma Bridge has connected Munsiganj with two districts named Shariatpur and Madaripur. The total length of the bridge is 6.15 km. It has two parts. The upper part is used to transport vehicles and the lower part is used to transport trains. Padma Bridge is the milestone of our country. It's the largest and the most useful bridge. China Major Bridge Construction Ltd has constructed it under the control of Bangladesh Bridge Authority. The bridge's total cost is about 30 thousands crore taka. After taking the project of Padma Bridge in 2014, JICA and UNDP wanted to invest $1.9 billion. But against this project's conspiracy and corruption, they had withdrawn their proposal. After the incident, our honorable Prime Minister took a memorable step and we have built this mega bridge with our own capital. In Spite of large investment, Bangladesh will be able to achieve about 2-3% more GDP growth per year by this. By Padma Bridge, people of the Southern part of Bangladesh can easily come to the capital. Before constricting this bridge, they had to depend on only ferry and that was really horrible for them. Padma Bridge will increase our economic activities and Bangladesh may become more developed than before. It is not just a bridge, rather the emotion of Bangladeshi people. Now, our country is not poor, Padma Bridge has proved it. Bangladesh shows off her courage. The bridge construction over the Padma was really a great challenging issue and we already have passed it. Those who had worked hard during  construction, we should salute them. Finally, we can say that Padma Bridge is our pride.

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